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Ryan Gosling Videobombs Russell Crowe’s Speech Live

Russell Gosling and Russell Crowe Australian Academy Awards

Australian television viewers got an unexpected dose of Ryan Gosling when he joined Russell Crowe during a live satellite presentation for the Australian Academy Awards.

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Russell was taking a break from the 70s-era action-comedy “The Nice Guys in Los Angeles” when he made the presentation from the set, and naturally Gosling wondered into frame.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Disneyland

Crowe got a good buddy slam in: “You might not recognize him with his clothes on. It’s Ryan Gosling.” As Crowe said, “Cheap, but it worked.”

The two showed off some buddy chemistry and Gosling even rocked an Aussie accent with a “G-day,” explaining “I lived in New Zealand for like two years.” (That will get him riled up Down Under).

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Welcome Baby

Teen Gunman Storms Dutch Television Network

Gunman Storms Dutch Television StationA Dutch Television Network aired graphic footage on Thursday evening after after a teenage gunman stormed the studios of the national broadcaster and demanded to be put on air.

According to sources the unidentified man wanted 10-15 minutes to “tell his story.”

He put a gun to the head of a guard, who took him to a studio that was not in use.

NOS went off air for an hour after the smartly dressed suspect, who was carrying a silenced pistol, seized control of the studio. But cameras continued to roll, recording the moment police rushed into to disarm him.

According to a reporter from the broadcaster who spoke to the the gunman he had claimed to be a member of a hacker’s collective working for Dutch intelligence.

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Prosecutors Present Video In Aaron Hernandez Trial

Aaron Hernandez TrialThe  prosecutors in the Aaron Hernandez presented the court with some shocking and very incriminating video which  showed the defendant holding what they claim is a firearm in the hours after he allegedly killed Odin Lloyd.

According to prosecutors… say the surveillance video footage was taken on June 17, 2013,  inside the former NFL stars Massachusetts residence.  They are convinced that this is the same gun used to shoot Olin Llyod six times.

Attorneys for Hernandez are calling the video questionable and claim that the object in their clients hand could be a cell phone or a remote control.

Aaron’s lawyers are calling the video into question — saying the object in Hernandez’s hand could be anything from an iPad to a cell phone to a remote control.

Aaron Hernandez Facing Three Murder Charges

Budweiser 2013 Super Bowl Ad “Brotherhood”

2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad — Extended Version of “Brotherhood”

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

This year’s Super Bowl Budweiser commercials are expected capture the hearts of all those who are fans of the their iconic Clydesdale draft horses as well as all those that aren’t.  Budweiser has  produced some of the greatest television ads of all time and I’m sure this year will be no different.

One of our all time favorites was titled “Brotherhood” it premiered in 2013.  The commercial starts off  by showing a man tending to a cute-as-hell little foal who was only a week old when the ad was shot.

Then it jumps to a time we’re told is “three years later,” and we see a touching reunion between man and horse.

VIDEO  “Brotherhood” Note:  Tissues may be required!

Hank Makes the Team Super Bowl Commercial

Aaron Rodgers Surprise Visit at Hometown Heroes Camp

Aaron Rodgers Hometown Heroes

Aaron Rodgers and David Gruber partner for season three of itsAaron.com. This year Aaron and David are highlighting three amazing organizations who are doing big things for a lot of people.  Aaron surprised four amazing kids who have lost their dads serving in the U.S. Military. Their mission is to help even more kids of fallen veterans attend Camp Hometown Heroes.

There’s no doubt…NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers is first class both on and off the field.

His character and integrity has made him one of the most well respected players in the National Football League.

Rodgers took his game to a whole new battlefield today and this time it had nothing to do with football.   For Rodgers…there’s so much more to life than being the hero that leads his team to victory.  Today it was about remembering those who lives that were lost while serving their country and spotlighting the great work done by Camp Hometown Heroes in Wisconsin.

Aaron Rodgers News and Trivia

Rodgers paid a surprise visit to four children today who lost a parent while serving our country.

The children, Dylan Simon, and sisters Alexis, Starr and Kylee Dampier became friends through Camp Hometown Heroes, a free week long camp.  The girls had no idea who he was however,  when the young man realized that it was Rodgers…well lets just say his reaction was “priceless.”

Watch Video…Note tissues may be required!

 This is just one more reason to be an Aaron Rodgers fan!