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Sports Celebrity Paradise Most Expensive Homes

sports celebrity paradise homes

Some say athletes are born, not made. If true, they’ll need a sports celebrity paradise.

claritin in germany Superstar athletes are well compensated for their exploits on the field, court, course, ice, and track, especially in this era of $300 million contracts and endorsement deals.

Their incredible success translates to A-list lives in spectacular homes featuring shark tanks, panic rooms, car elevators—whatever they desire.

Here are 20 most expensive homes of living sports legends.

where can i buy clomid tablets in south africa Sports Celebrity Paradise Tiger Woods, Jupiter Island, Florida

sports celebrity homes

Professional golfer, Tiger Woods’ 16,127-square-foot Jupiter Island mansion is more hazardous than most homes. His 3.5 acre backyard is a personal four-hole golf course landscaped with trees, fairways, and sand traps. Toss in a 100-foot lap pool, another dive pool, a hybrid tennis/basketball court, guest house, gym, private beach, and two yacht docks—and you’ve got the ultimate game changer home.

Celebrity Houses, Charlie Sheen

It’s reportedly worth up to $60 million.  More Sports Celebrity Paradises

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