Sexiest Man Alive Faints Filming Movie

AUSSIE heart-throb Hugh Jackman was left red-faced after fainting on the first day of filming Australia.

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The actor, who returned to his native country to star in the movie alongside Nicole Kidman, admits shooting his first scene proved too much after he spent hours in the extreme heat.

“I collapsed on pretty much on the first day of filming – which was not the most macho way to start,” Jackman said.

“It was incredibly hot and I was on a horse waiting to shoot a scene with cattle. About 30 minutes later and I said, ‘Do you think we are nearly ready to go? It is pretty hot out here’. I was wearing a wool shirt, leather pants, a hat and an all-weather jacket with lining.

“My horse was particularly spooked by umbrellas so I couldn’t even shelter from the heat, I was just sitting in the sun. They said it would only be another five minutes, so I stayed on my horse.

“About 45 minutes later I felt a hand on my back and I remember saying, ‘What are you doing?’ And this extra replied, ‘What am I doing? What are you doing mate? You are at a 45 degree angle to your horse.’ He was holding me up.”

Jackman insists he soon learned to cope with the extreme conditions and the slow pace on the set of the movie.

He explained to BANG Showbiz: “Luckily, the costume department cut that jacket out of the rest of the movie so I didn’t have to wear it.

“I learned  that if someone said, ‘Be ready in five minutes’, that was when it was time to have lunch and then get ready to shoot in around an hour.”

Kidman recently revealed she didn’t think she would “survive” filming Australia and fainted on set after not being prepared for the extreme temperatures in the Australian Outback.

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