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John Travolta’s Ocala Aviation Estate

What happens when your neighbors Related Site complain because you park your Boeing 707 outside your home in your driveway.

Well…you pack up and move to a neighborhood with como comprar cytotec en mexico friendlier neighbors who don’t mind and then you buy enough land to build your own runway/driveway.

John Travolta’s love for aviation has been lifelong and his Ocala, Florida home is testament to his love of flying.  The layout of his home could be best described as “airportish” (not sure that is even a word…oh well, it is now).  It is located immediately off his main landing strip.  and connects to two out building structures by a canopied walkway.

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Travolta is qualified to fly several types of planes according to the Federal Aviation pilot database.  He is an accomplished pilot.  He has the highest pilot medical certification possible.  In layman’s terms, the actor has enough flying experience to fly large multi-engine jets and could easily pilot commercial airliners.  But why would he want to make a living flying airplanes when you can make it a hobby instead.

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More Interesting John Travolta Stuff:

July 2007 – Owners of the Airport in Ocala, Florida have told actor John Travolta that they can no longer accommodate Travolta’s Boeing 707, 4 engine Qantas commercial passenger jet.  The actor who lives in an $8 million dollar home in Ocala’s exclusive Jumbolair Aviation Estate built his home in that area six years ago and was assured he could use the airport.  He claims there has been no problems with him using it.

The 7500-foot runway can land commercial airliners

Jumbolair  Aviation Estates is located in the heart of Ocala which is called  the thoroughbred capital of the world.

Jumbolair Aviation Estates is owned by Terri Jones Thayer who was a record-setting pilot and Revlon Charlie Girl model.

2003 – As a surprise birthday gift arranged by his wife, Kelly Preston, Clay flew John Travolta, his family and friends on a night flight along the California Coast in Clay’s vintage DC-3. Having a real love of aviation, particularly old airliners.

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