Natalie Dylans Virgin Auction Is Not So Virgin

With all the buzz about Natalie Dylan the 22 year old self proclaimed virgin who is auctioning off her virginity, we began to investigate and determined that she may be a virgin however, she’s not the first to sell her virginity to further her education.

In 2007, Cary Copestake placed a similar ad on a website,  which allows prostitutes to sell their services. Like Natalie, Copestake claimed that she was using it to continue her education. The headline read “Virginity For Sale $10,000.” The 18 year-old Salford University (ENGLAND) Physics Major reported that she found a buyer. On a website someone later left a comment which said :   She’s not even a virgin. I shagged her years ago!!!  Oooooh someone’s not telling the truth!

Rosie Reid, 18 a student at Bristol University (ENGLAND), wanted to ensure that upon graduating with a Bachelor in Science degree she was not burdened by a $15,000.00 debt. Reid, a lesbian, who like Dylan was denied by ebay, posted her own ad and was reportedly successful.The buyer was a 44 year old engineer. Rosie described her first hetro sexual experience as “It was horrible… I felt nervous and scared.”

An Italian Model and former “Big Brother” cast member, 20 year old Raffella Fico put her virginity up for auction for $1.5 million.  In an interview with the Italian MagazineChi” she said she found a man willing to pay $1,1419,595.”  That sealed the deal.

A 19-year-old girl from Russia also placed an ad to sell her virginity on the Internet. The girl evaluated her innocence at 10,000 rubles (about $320) for a start and included the pay-by-credit-card possibility too.  Her ad read:

“I am 19 years old. Despite my evident disposition to nymphomania I am still a virgin. Gentlemen, I decided to sell my chance of becoming a woman on the Internet. The winner of the commercial tournament will be able to take me in his possession for one night in his place. The photograph that you can see here is not mine (I would like to keep as much privacy as possible), but the girl on the picture bears a stunning resemblance with me. I reside in St.Petersburg. I will be able to come to Moscow, if the winner agrees to pay my tickets,” the girl’s ad runs.

When the message was posted, the online auction management had to stop the bidding on the lot. It is not the first case in Russia when teenage girls try to sell their innocence online. It’s unclear whether or not she found a buyer.

These are just a few of the ads we found for this type of soliciting.  There’s hundreds more.  So what makes Natalie Dylan worth so much?

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