Cut Jessica Simpson Some Slack

Jessica Simpson appeared on an early morning news program yesterday which was her first public appearance since all thy media hype regarding her weight gain.  Although she might not be the sharpest pencil in the box…I must say she looked good.  As to whether or not she lost weight it was hard to tell.  We at Behind Blondie Park have been know to poke jabs at celebrities, Jessica included.  However, we don’t like to kick people when their down.  So yes…we are defending Jessica and her weight gain.  Weight is an issue that many people face.  It’s psychological impacts can be overwhelming.  What do we gain by slamming her because she gained a few pounds.  There are far more important topics that are just as entertaining as this  and they are far less hurtful.  We know were going to catch a lot of crap for this one…so be it!

Posted by:  BBParks

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