We Are So Over Rihanna and Chris Brown

As we sat watching CNN today waiting to hear about the NFL football players who were missing in Florida’s Gulf of Mexico, I cannot count the number of times that the Rihanna and Chris Brown latest drama details was reported.  Drama of the day….Chris Brown seen riding a jet ski, flexing his muscle, showing his tattoos and according to those who seem to have it all figure out…it seems that  “he showed no remorse.”  Supposedly he and Rihanna were in Miami at the home of friend,  trying to mend their now tarnished relationship after he allegedly beat the crap out of her.

I have no tolerance for domestic abuse.  It’s a vicious cycle and in the majority of times women become so beaten down emotionally that they do return.  You can only hope that eventually they find the strength to walk away.  Now Rihanna is being slammed because she has failed as a role model for young women because she is considering a reconciliation with Brown and Brown is making headlines for his jet ski joy ride.  We place far to much energy in all that “Hollywood Crap” and where does it get us.  Yes….Chris Brown should be held accountable for his actions.  However, there are so many more important things going on in the world and if Rihanna doesn’t have a enough sense to ditch his sorry “butt” then so be it. However, give it a break.  If we never heard the names Rihanna and Chris Brown again it would be too soon.   There are thousands of other women who have risen from a life of abuse who are the true role models.  We place far to high expectations on all the celebrity drama and often fail to recognize that Hollywood is a whole different world and unfortunately they have their own set of rules.  So who knows….Chris Brown may not face any consequences for his behavior just because he’s Chris Brown….But is he really worth all the hype and publicity!   We think not!  So yeah you guest it.  We are so over Chris Brown and Rihanna that you can bet whether it be good news or bad news….it won’t be found on this website.  We’re are so over them and I bet if you ask you’ll find that we’re not alone!

Posted by:  BBParks

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