World’s First Underwater Restaurant

The world’s first underwater restaurant at the Conrad Maldives Rangali resort in Maldives. The US$5 million restaurant was constructed 5 metres below the waves of the Indian Ocean, offering 270 degrees of panoramic views of the sea-life. Designed by a New Zealand firm and constructed in Singapore, the restaurant was installed in November 2004 and took a team of divers and 50 locals 13 hours to set in place under the waves.

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Have Fun in Bed

Eatery: B.E.D. Restaurant
Location: Miami, Fla.

What Makes It Unique:
Diners at B.E.D. (“Beverage, Entertainment and Dining”) lounge in beds and eat from bamboo trays. It caters to the highly fashionable, club-going crowd. If you go, don’t look for a sign, there isn’t one. B.E.D. is not marked except for the street number and the logo hidden on the mat outside.

Supporting Safe Sex

Eatery: Cabbages & Condoms
Location: Bangkok

What Makes It Unique:
Dedicated to birth control and AIDS awareness, the name signifies the owner’s belief that condoms should be as accessible as produce in Thailand. Condoms and sex toys are a major part of the decor. And all diners get a condom with coffee, instead of an after-dinner mint.

Road Kill With That?

Eatery: Linger Lodge
Location: Bradenton, Fla.

What Makes It Unique:
With menu items like “Bag-N-Gag,” “Chunk O’ Skunk” and “Swirl of Squirrel,” it’s no wonder that Al Roker named it one of the top five weirdest restaurants in the country. If you’re a fan of taxidermy, you’ll love the decor. Stuffed dead animals reign supreme.

Food on a Nude

Eatery: Hadaka Sushi
Location: Hollywood, Calif.

What Makes It Unique:
Two words: body sushi or “nyotaimori” — the practice of eating sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman. However, at Hadaka Sushi, guests can choose either a female or male “serving dish.” And don’t worry the food is served on banana leaves and never touches the model’s skin.

Baby, It’s Cold Inside

Location: Sweden

What Makes It Unique:
While the entire hotel is actually made from ice, fortunately for diners, the restaurant is not. However, for an artic feel, the ice theme is carried through by serving many dishes on ice plates.

Choose What to Pay

Eatery: Terra Bite Lounge
Location: Kirkland, Wa.

What Makes It Unique:
The owners of Terra Bite describe themselves as an upscale voluntary payment cafe/deli. The Website says: “Patrons choose what to pay, and are encouraged to pay what they would elsewhere.” They also “cheerfully serve” those that cannot pay.

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