Freed Journalist Arrives In The United States

Story Highlights: U.S.-born journalist Roxana Saberi arrives home after being freed from her eight year sentence on spying charges.

Journalist Roxana Saberi, 32,  has returned home to the United States after spending 100 days in an Iranian jail.  in April she was given an eight year sentence after she was found guilty of espionage.  According to sources the bases for the spying claims were because she had kept a document from a government-run think-tank.

On May 11, an appeals court in Terhan accepted defense arguments and suspended the sentence, leaving her free to leave the country

Saberi had worked for a number of media outlets in Tehran.

The former North Dakota beauty queen and Northwestern University grad student was greeted by family, colleagues and friends and in a statement she said:  “I’m very happy to be back in the US. I wish I could personally thank all those who supported me during my 100 days in prison — the American people, President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton.”

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Source:  Reuters/Voxant


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