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Video Highlights: Woodstock — the legendary love, drugs and rock festival near New York City in 1969 — defined the hippie generation.

Woodstock 1969

Forty years on, what’s left is a museum where visitors can relive their youth, and the young can explore Woodstock’s mythology thanks to multimedia installations.

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Visit Wood Stock

Forty years after Richie Havens sang and strummed for a sea of people at Woodstock, he still gets asked about it all the time. And like in the movie, he still gets requests to sing “Freedom.”

He’s not surprised.

“Everything in my life, and so many others’, is attached to that train,” Havens said.

The young hippies who watched the sun come up with The Who in 1969 are now eligible for early bird specials. Many of the bands are broken up or missing members who died. But Woodstock remains one of those events – like the moon landing earlier that summer – that continues to define the ’60s in the popular imagination.  Read Full Story Here

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