Dr Conrad Murray About the Death of Michael Jackson

YouTube Video Highlights: Dr. Conrad Murray, who is under investigation in the death of Michael Jackson.  Murray is addressing his patients and supporters.

Dr. Murray was Jackson’s personal physician and is the target of a manslaughter investigation. The video marks the first time we are hearing from the Las Vegas based doctor since the 911 tapes from the night Jackson died.

dr. conrad murrayDr. Murray’s attorney has confirmed that the You Tube posting is authentic. Dr. Murray is a trained US physician, but speaks with a heavy accent as he was born in Trindad. The taped message filmed as a thank you to supportive friends and patients was filmed in Houston, where Dr. Murray’s lawyer is based.

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A former patient of Dr. Conrad Murray Comes to his Defense

As investigators continue to look into the death of Michael Jackson, we’re learning more about the man who was probably the last person to see him alive.

Dr. Conrad Murray is a cardiologist who practiced in Las Vegas for several years. One of his patients here is passionately defending him.  Read full story here

Updated: July 1, 2009

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