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click Layla Kiffin is the wife of University of Tennessee Head Coach enter site Lane Kiffin and daughter of former all-American Quarterback and NFL player John Reaves.  See pictures here

Besides a very short comment on Tuesday night, Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin has been silent since accepting the Southern California job.

He did, however, speak to (subscription required) Tuesday night about his decision and how the rapid courtship with the Trojans evolved.

“I was in the SEC meetings today representing Tennessee. I was still the head coach at Tennessee today. I was sitting across from Nick Saban and the commissioner. And this came about very quick. It was a process that I made sure it was not a negotiation and go back.

I have too much respect for Mike Hamilton and the University of Tennessee to go back and then try to go back and forth. It was none of that.”  Read full story here

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