Keon Lattimore

Keon Lattimore is a running back who was drafted as an unsigned free agent for the Dallas Cowboys in 2008. He is also Ray Lewis ‘ younger brother.

Currently, Keon is a free agent and more recently played ball with the San Francisco 49ers, after being drafted to their practice squad. Ray Lewis and Keon Lattimore (R). ( Lattimore was also featured on the HBO series Hard Knocks in his rookie year.

The show looked at NFL teams’ training camps and their prep for the coming year of league play. Each year, a team is featured on the reality show, which is anticipating its … Read Full Story

Player Bio: Keon Lattimore

Eric Johnson NFL

NFL Star Eric Johnson (49ers) is dating Jessica Simpson.

Eric and his wife divorced in February this year, Simpsons’s love life has been extensively reported by the media, starting with her marriage to Nick Lachey, a relationship that was televised in an MTV TV reality show.

The Cowboys

Pat Kirwin, senior analyst for, has compiled a list of 16 NFL players that will play a major part in whether or not their team succeeds during the 2010 season.

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