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50 Hottest WAGs of the NFL Sports stars are known for their ability to score on and off the field. Hot sports wags

The NFL man whore Tony Romo is now dating Miss Missouri Candice Crawford. See, I told you not to feel sorry for him.

Patriots offensive staple Wes Welker is dating Anna Burns. She’s not bad if your into that hot and sexy look.

Felisha was once engaged to what famous  NFL Player?  Find out next page

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Answer:  Terrell Owens

Also linked to Terrell Owens is Kari Klinkenborg

Here is Carson Palmer’s wife Shaelyn. She must love him for what’s on the inside, not for his performance on the field. Otherwise, this marriage would be on shaky ground.

Eli and wife Abby Manning!

Peyton Manning and Wife!

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