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Asiatic black bears, commonly called “moon bears,” suffer terribly on Chinese “bear farms” where crude catheters catheters are implanted into the gall bladder through a hole made in the abdominal wall. The bile is used in Traditional Medicines (TM).

The Panyu Bear Sanctuary (PBS), located in Guangdong Province, China, was established in 1996 to house nine bears rescued from a bear bile farm. This was the first rescue center of its kind, and signifies the initiation of a campaign to end bear bile farming in China.

buy provigil online 2018 The practice is legal in this country and currently involves some 10,000 to 12,000 bears, primarily Asiatic black bears. The manner in which the bears are kept, and the suffering that they sustain for the harvest of their bile, violates every principle of animal welfare. To date, the sanctuary still holds five bears (the others have died).

Although there is currently no education and lobbying capacity installed at the sanctuary, IFAW continues to use the sufferings of these bears to advocate for animal welfare and anti cruelty legislation. The objective for the sanctuary is to provide a safe and healthy environment for the bears to live out their lives.

These remaining five bears were rescued from a bear bile farm in Guangdong province in June 1995. The Guangdong Forestry Administration helped IFAW to rescue these bears and to this day supports the effort of helping bile farm bears through its special permit for IFAW’s sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in a village near Panyu, a port town on the Pearl River estuary and just 2 hours’ drive south of Guangzhou, capital city of Guangdong.    Read more here

Bear bile from the bear gall bladder is one of the most treasured of traditional Chinese medicines.
Prescriptions for bear gall first appeared in writing in the 7th century (Bensky and Gamble 1986).
Bear bile is believed to have special qualities to treat ailments of the liver, stomach and a diverse illnesses from fever to digestive disorders.

As Asian bear populations decline and wild bear bile and other bear parts become more difficult to obtain, sources of bear parts outside Asia will be developed by traders and others willing to make significant profits.

Commercialization of wildlife and unregulated trade have been contributing factors in the reduction and loss of many wildlife species. bear, traditional medicine.

Oriental medicine has meant many things over the ages.   While building on common foundations of the ancient classics such as the Huang Di Nei Jing and the Shang Han Lun, it has developed differently in isolated pockets of the numerous countries of its origin, often in family traditions.
This institutional setting, with its various publications and educational opportunities, has benefitted practitioners in the West, who have enjoyed a rich exposure of the various medical models from Asia.
In addition, newer approaches to Oriental medicine have emerged from England, France, and Germany.  Read more here

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