A group of experts including three Canadian Scientist’s and international researches have reported that they believe they have located  the remains of the “lost city of Atlantis.”  Often refereed to as one of the greatest archeological mystery’s, the buried ruins have been discovered in a southwestern area of Spain.  Throughout the years, the story about the lost city raised speculation calling it Plato’s “mythic kingdom.”    However some 2400 years later the “city that was swallowed up by the sea”  may no longer remain a mystery.

This findings come within days of the disastrous earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan on Friday.  The “lost city” which too was devastated after a powerful earthquake  and wash away by a Tsunami!

Meanwhile Japan continues to deal with the devastation and now fear a nuclear meltdown after another nuclear reaction exploded during the night.  There is fear of more nuclear explosions.  The picture portray an apocalyptic scene as thousands are feared hurt or feared dead.  There are a number of organizations accepting donations  find out how you can help here

Donations may also be made through the Salvation Army by calling 1(800) Sal-Army or by texting the  “Japan or “Quake” to 80888.

More on the discovery of “The Lost City” visit this link!

The UnMuseum – The Lost Continent of Atlantis

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