Bipolar II Disorder

go here Bipolar II disorder is a form of mental disorder.  Bipolar II is similar to bipolar I, however, in bipolar II the person does when in the “up” phase does not reach the full manic stage.

mail order Lyrica People with bipolar II disorder experience elevated moods.  These less intense moods are referred to as hypomanic episodes.   A hypomanic episode may be manifested by  irritability or euphoria.  Symptoms of a hypomanic episode  may include flighty thoughts, pressure and loud speech and increased energy levels.   Person’s experiencing an episode may behave erratically by engaging in risky and/or impulsively.  They have been known to act out sexually, spend money and do things they normally would not do when they are not experiencing an episode.

follow url Depression is common once the episode subsides.  The depression can last for weeks or months.

Facts about bipolar II disorder:

Usually occurs between the ages of 19 – 25.

Depressive episodes are more frequent and  intense than the manic episodes.

In the bipolar spectrum, bipolar II has a higher rate of suicide.

Medication is the most common treatment.

Update:  Actress Catherine Zeda Jones treated for Bipolar II Disorder….Read more here

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