Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Engaged

http://broughtonpublishing.com.au/buy-disulfiram-500-mg-pills-without-prescription-category-disulfiram/ After eight months of, courtship, Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutller, 27, has reportedly proposed to Kristin Cavallari, 24, former star of “The Hills!”  According to sources Cutler popped the big question while vacation over the weekend in Cabo San Lucas. 

can you buy Lyrica online There were previous reports that the couple became pre-engaged last month.  Cutler gave Cavallari a 5.2 carat diamond.  The couple were seen last night at LAX returning from their trip.  Wedding details are not known at this time.

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Sports…..Is It Just Me Or

by:  Joe Zayicek

Have you ever wondered where today’s student athletes get all that money for those disgusting tattoos? There is a faction out there that wants to push the universities to give the student athlete a monthly stipend to help them with gas, movies, pizza, or a date. Here is a great idea……Stop wasting hundreds of dollars on the tats!!

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