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Hines Ward The new season of the “The Bachelorette” premiered on Monday and so did the news that the former “Bachelor”  Brad Womack and his pick last season Emily Maynard had officially split. According to sources at ABC….Emily returned the wedding ring she received from last seasons show.  This years “Bachelorette” Ashley Herbert, 26 was rejected by Womack last season.″t-x-24″w-use-my-artwork/?add_to_wishlist=2481 The news of the split leaves many wondering how this will effect her decision on this seasons show.  She was crazy about Womack however her constant insecurities about the relationship sent Womack in the other direction.

Herbert was introduced to 25 interesting bachelors last night and as always….although for some their stay was short…they will leave a lasting impression.  There was the jerk Bently, the intoxicated guy Tim and who is that man with the mask!  Tim got the boot…the other two remained.  The drama has begun…But for some reason we just aren’t impressed with the new “Bachelorette!”

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Chantal O’Brien

Former “Bachelor” contestant Chantal O’Brien, 28 appeared on Regis and Kelly today just one day after the season finale in whic she was left heartbroken after being rejected by Brad Womack.   O’Brien, 28 has wasted no time moving on in her quest for true love since the show finished filming last November.

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