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Pictures of  Julianne Hough have been  surfaced online after hackers managed to access her personal twitter account.

The same hackers managed to get into Kreayshawn’s twitter account and post nude photos of her online.

Hough’s are not as racy.  Hough’s photos are of her in a swimsuit and her “Rock of Ages” costume.

Chaz Bono, DWTS, Before and After Photos

The group calls themselves Hollywood Leaks (@HWLeaks on Twitter).

The group recently  posted the complete script for Rock of Ages.  They did this via the hacker-friendly torrent site known as “Pirate Bay.”

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Love on The Dance Floor Coming Soon

Watch for Julianne Hough and Chuck Wick on this seasons “Dancing With The Stars.”  Hough a dancer turned country music singer and Wick Country music singer soon to be dancer are dating!  They will team up and dance together this season which begins on March 09, 2009 on ABC.

2009 Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Cast Revealed it’s list of contestants for the upcoming season -David Alan Grier Lil’ Kim, Steve-O, Nancy O’Dell,  Belinda Carlisle, Lawrence Taylor, Shawn Johnson, Chuck Wicks ( Julianne Hough’s boyfriend & they will be paired together)

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