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Does Kim Kardashian have “political aspirations?”  OMG…Too Funny…Kim Kardashian…the mayor of Glendale, CA.  Actually, this is no laughing matter…actually it’s quiet scary.

The reality T.V. star made a comment on the “Khloe and Lamar Show” that she is entertaining the idea of running for mayor in the city that is a bastion for Armenians.

Kim, 31, now has gotten the backing and support of several prominent Armenians.

Kardashian for Mayor News Video Here

Ara Najarian, Glendale’s City Councilman, offered to make her his Chief of Staff so that he can teach her about local politics, and a prominent relator has offered to assist Kim in finding a home in the area.

According to sources…she’s “seriously considering” buying a house there.

In order to be eligible to become the  Mayor…she must first run for City Council….YIKES
Glendale doesn’t elect a mayor. Its five council members, all of whom serve at-large, each year select one of their colleagues to serve in the city’s top post.

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