Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Bloomers For Sale on EBay Is there anything that you CAN’T buy on Ebay?

purchase clomid online australia Just when you think you have seen it all, a pair of  very un-sexy underwear belonging to Queen Elizabeth II, go on the auction block on Ebay!

tenvir buy online The “royal bloomers” are from the estate of  the late Miami playboy  “Baron” Joseph “Sepy” de Bicske Dobronyi who was often referred to as Miami’s Hugh Hefner.

This raises the question…How in the heck did he get his hands on Queen Elizabeth’s underwear?

According to sources,he was given them by a friend after the Queen is said to have left them on a private plane during a visit to Chile in 1968.

Following his death in May, 2012,  his family found the knickers among his belongings.

It was his wish to have the British Auction House “Hanson’s”  auction them.   Things with the auction house didn’t go as smoothly as the “Barons” family thought it should so they decided they would sell them….and where better to sell them then on Ebay.

Starting bid…the low price of…..$3,999.00!  Wow…that’s a deal!

In 2008, Hanson’s auction house sold Queen Victoria’s undies for around $9,000.

Happy “Royal” Bidding!

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