Simon Cowell Not Worried About A Britney Meltdown

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Simon Cowell is glad to have Britney Spears on the “X Factor.”

Veteran  judge Simon Cowell isn’t going to lose any sleep over Britney Spears reaction (she was just nervous…people) to yesterdays announcement that she will be the $15 million dollar judge on next seasons (2012-2013) “X Factor,”   nor is he concerned that she will “fall apart” during a live episode of the show.

Cowell and the other “X Factor” $1 million dollar rookie judge, Demi Lovato, were  leaving the restaurant located on Union Square  in NYC following a dinner date.  Cowell was ask the multi million dollar question…”Are you nervous about Britney being on live television?

Despite concerns about  the pop singers, conservatorship, emotional stability and related “mental health issues.”   Simon didn’t seem worried at all.

Official News (VIDEO)

Cowell anticipates ‘gold ratings’ having the pop singer on the “X Factor” judges panel!

Full story here…Britney Spears Bites Her Nails…A LOT!

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Official News (VIDEO)

It’s official, Demi Lovato is joining the judges panel on the 2012-2013 season of the X Factor.  Joining her will be pop singer Britney Spears.Lovato and Spears made a formal appearance today to announce the decision at the network’s upfront presentation today in New York City.

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