Terrell Owens Released by Indoor League

http://homescope.ca/waterfront-rv-lots-available-for-sale-in-central-alberta/layout/ Former controversial NFL superstar Terrell Owens, 38,who couldn’t get his name on any NFL roster’s for the 2012-2013 season…has been let go by the Allen Wranglers (Indoor Football League) and will once again  find himself in the unemployment line..

http://araliasystems.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=https://araliasystems.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload The six-time Pro Bowl receiver, can attribute his short lived career in the IFL  to his  “prima donna” ways.

http://arc-theatre.com/category/oliver/ According to the  Team president Tommy Benizio, Owens  was let go due to issue which were “performance based.”  Benizio went on to explain that “the final straw for Owens was failing to make a recent team visit to a children’s hospital in Allen, TX.”

Owens,  had hoped to make a NFL comeback.  In January 2012, he signed on to play with the Wranglers after there were no NFL teams willing to pick him up.  The former receiver, who was a third round draft pick in 1996 and was picked up by the San Francisco 49ers,  was considered to have taken a “took a huge fall from grace” when he signed on  to play in the indoor league.

During his  first season with the Wranglers T.O. put up 10 touchdowns in 8 games.   Owens had “high hopes” that  his performance in the IFL would get him back into the NFL.   He was wrong!

Owens, who  was known for his flamboyant touchdown celebrations and public persona  played college football and basketball at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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