Warren Sapp Wants to Keep His House Former NFL defensive tackle, Warren Sapp, better cough up some dough or will be joining Terrell Owens in the “hey I need a place to stay line.”

read more According legal documents…Sapp recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida … he reportedly owes “big time” to the tune of more than $6.7 million to creditors and back child support and alimony.

zithromax price at clicks Sapp claims that he earns  $45,000 per month from the  NFL Network on a contract that expires in August 2012.   “Your not alone Warren…if your contract isn’t renewed you  can also join Chad Oconico and T.O  in the unemployment line as well.

HSBC…is said to be up for a fight.  They are going after his beachfront condo where he currently lives.  Sapp  hasn’t made a payment on the residence since May 2011.  Before filing for bankruptcy, Sapp owed the bank $781,879.39.  They want to settle the score with Sapp and are asking the court to allow them to foreclose on the property.

Sapp, has been pleading his case and is asking the judge to allow him to keep his house.  According to sources…he vows to cough up the cash as soon as he sorts out the bankruptcy.

Better make it snappy…”Sappy” it sounds like they mean business!

Warren Sapp’s Beachfront Condo (Photos)

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