UPDATE: Marcus Lattimore, October 29, 2012

marcus lattimoreMarcus Lattimore, one of the greatest running backs in the history of college football … suffered a hyper-extended right  knee and injuries to several ligaments in Saturdays 38 to 35 win over the University of Tennessee

According to sources there were no fractures, broken bones or damage to his other knee … team doctor Jeffrey Guy was able to put Lattimore’s knee back in place soon after he was taken from the field to the hospital.

University President Harris Pastides visited with Lattimore Sunday and announced a rally would be held in the player’s honor and on campus Monday.  Faculty, students, and the family of Marcus Lattimore will also celebrate the running backs birthday…Lattimore turns 21 today…Happy Birthday Marcus our thoughts and prayers are with you….

Today has been declared Marcus Lattimore Day in the State of South Carolina….Watch the celebration live from the campus of the University of South Carolina Here

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A Tale of Two Athletes

This week in college football reminded us of just how frail the human being truly is and puts into perspective what life is all about. We had 2 different scenarios in which athletes may have ended their careers. One, because of poor decision after poor decision and the other due to a violent injury.

Marcus Lattimore, star running back from The University of South Carolina sustained a devastating knee injury last year that would have ended many a career.

Marcus Lattimore Injury Update October 28, 2012

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier has reported that Marcus Lattimore suffered a dislocated right knee during yesterdays 38 to 35 victory over Tennessee.

The  injury occurred when the Gamecocks up 21-14 with 4:45 remaining in the second quarter.  The star running backwas running through the left side when his knee took a direct hit  by Volunteers defensive back Eric Gordon, Lattimore’s right leg whipping around and slamming against the turf.

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