College Football 2012 – Recapping Week 11, Or, The Tide Turns!

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What a great day for college football yesterday as we witnessed some classic battles. The T.V. gurus finally got it right with their scheduling as South Carolina kicked things off at noon, followed by Alabama at 3:00, then we got to see LSU at 7:00, Notre Dame at 8:00, and the Ducks bringing it home at 10:00. In between there were several other wonderful games for us to watch scattered throughout the day. It seems like for the last few weeks, all the key games have been on at about the same time of day and you couldn’t focus on any 1 game. I don’t mind bouncing back and forth between 2 games, but, 4 key games all at the same time slot is very frustrating! Let’s get to the action.

The much anticipated game between Texas A&M at Alabama was the game of the day and lived up to it’s hype. A&M was on a bit of a roll and Johnny Football has become the media darling.

‘Bama was coming off an emotional struggle with LSU and we all wondered if they could bounce back quickly from that road victory. The Aggies jumped out to a quick 20-0 lead with Johnny Football running like Johnny Musso and passing like Joe Namath leaving the Crimson Tide reeling. When they finally shook off the LSU hangover, they started playing like a Nick Saban coached team.

Unfortunately for the Tide faithful, they turned the ball over 3 times and when they had a chance to win the game late, a goal line interception ruined their undefeated season and the college football rankings were turned upside down. In the meantime, Kansas State, not sure if Heisman hopeful Collin Klein could play, were thrilled to see him on the field at TCU. Collin turned in another rock solid performance as he lead to Wildcats to a possible number 1 ranking with the Tide going down to defeat. ND, coming off a tough win versus Pitt, did what they had to do on the road at arch rival BC and took care of business allowing themselves to move up a notch in the polls. Oregon whipped up on another soft opponent as they dismantled Cal. Oregon State lost for the second week in a row, Louisville lost their first game of the year on the road to an improving Syracuse squad, and Mississippi State lost for the third week in a row. South Carolina won impressively at home against Arkansas, a team that has owned them over the last few years and the Florida Gators pulled a rabbit out of their hat winning at the horn against La. Lafayette.  FSU on Thursday eeks one out at Va. Tech, Clemson whips up on a poor Maryland team and LSU, UCLA, Stanford, and Nebraska all post excellent wins.

As the season sadly begins to wind down ( although there are a ton of great games to go ), I want to point out some of the disparities in scheduling that is causing many of the problems in college football today with the BCS and the polls in general.

Until we get a true playoff system, balanced scheduling, and conferences that make sense, we will continue to have controversy and turmoil.

BCS College Football National ChampionshipAt this point in time I hope K State, Oregon, and ND all remain undefeated with Alabama sitting out there with just one loss. Which 2 teams will go on to play in the BCS National Championship game? K State vs. Oregon? Oregon vs. ND? ND vs. K State? What about a 1 loss Bama team? Steve Spurrier said it best when he said ” winning the SEC is harder than winning the national championship”. No truer statement has ever been said. Let’s look at some of the scheduling disparities this year. Mississippi State opens the season with Jackson State, Auburn, @ Troy, South Alabama, @ Kentucky, Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and gets our hopes up. Reality then sets in as they lose 3 weeks in a row to Alabama, Texas A&M, and LSU. Thank you for playing! LSU, with a vanilla opening schedule to their season has 5 consecutive weeks of Florida, South Carolina, Texas A&M, Alabama, and Mississippi State. Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, and more Ouch!! How would you like some of that Oregon? The Georgia Pussycats – I mean Bulldogs. With only 2 competitive games on their schedule this year ( humiliated at South Carolina and squeaked one out versus Florida ) they have played the likes of Buffalo and Florida Atlantic with Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech left to play before their showdown with Alabama in the SEC championship game. Me-freaking-ow! Talk about a tough 3 game stretch, how about South Carolina? They had Georgia at home before going on the road at LSU and Florida, and now have Clemson on the road to finish their year. Texas A&M, in it’s first year of SEC play gets introduced to a 4 game conference stretch by playing LSU, @ Auburn, @ Mississippi State, and @ Alabama. Nice introduction! Alabama, opens with a made for T.V. neutral site game with Michigan, has home games with Mississippi State and Texas A&M, and road games versus Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and LSU. Holy cow sports fans!! The Florida Gators only had to play @ Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina, a neutral site game with Georgia, and have their season ending match-up with FSU left to play.  Kansas State had 2 early season gimmes against Missouri State and North Texas before having to go on the road to beat Oklahoma, West Virginia, and TCU. Along with the rest of their Big 12 schedule they still have to play Baylor and Texas.

College Football Notre Dame, which typically plays one of the toughest schedules in America year after year, has had to get through Michigan State, Michigan, The “U”, Stanford, BYU, and Oklahoma to remain perfect to date. With their nemesis USC left to play in their season finale, ND has done the unthinkable this year and is now one upset away from going to the BCS National Championship game! Oregon has had to “struggle” with powerhouses Arkansas State, Fresno State, and Tennessee Tech to remain perfect for the 2012 campaign. With only 1 competitive game to date ( a 62-51 track meet with USC ), they have games left against Stanford and Oregon State before heading to the PAC 12 championship game. FSU has had to play perennial powers Murray State, Savannah State, and South Florida. They gave one away at N.C.State and Clemson has been their only other competitive game. They finish the year with rival Florida in the Sunshine State Showdown! Clem-And-Son, squeaked by a poor Auburn team to open the season and then has played Ball State, Furman, and a poor ACC schedule to go 9-1. All they have left is their in state rival ( South Carolina ) on the calendar and that match-up has been one-sided the last 3 years!

Am I honking the SEC? Yes I am! But the point is they play the best competition, the best schedule, and have the best athletes in all of America. The SEC haters got their wish yesterday when the Tide got beat by Texas A&M. For the SEC to win it’s seventh consecutive national championship, there has to be one more upset along the way. There is no doubt, a one loss SEC team deserves to play in the BCS National Championship. As I pointed out in this rant, there is no scheduling parity, conferences make no sense, teams don’t play equal number of games, some leagues have a championship game and others don’t. As long as the NCAA allows this to happen, we will continue to have turmoil and controversy. Put me in charge of the NCAA and I could fix this problem in one day!

A To Z Top 25:

  1. Kansas State 10-0
  2. Oregon 10-0
  3. Notre Dame 10-0
  4. Alabama 9-1
  5. Georgia 9-1
  6. Ohio State 10-0
  7. LSU 8-2
  8. Florida 9-1
  9. South Carolina 8-2
  10. Texas A&M 8-2
  11. FSU 9-1
  12. Clemson 9-1
  13. Oklahoma 7-2
  14. Stanford 8-2
  15. Nebraska 8-2
  16. UCLA 8-2
  17. Texas 8-2
  18. Oregon State 7-2
  19. Louisville 9-1
  20. USC 7-3
  21. Rutgers 8-1
  22. La Tech 9-1
  23. Boise State 8-2
  24. Michigan 7-3
  25. Mississippi State 7-3

On the out side looking in : Toledo 8-2, Ohio 8-3, Northwestern 7-3, Wisconsin 7-3, Texas Tech 7-3, Cincinnati 7-2, Kent State 9-1, San Diego State 8-3, Tulsa 8-2


#1 Kansas State @ Baylor

#14 Stanford @ #2 Oregon

#6 Ohio State @ Wisconsin

N.C. State @ #12 Clemson

#13 Oklahoma @ West Virginia

#20 USC @ #16 UCLA

#21 Rutgers @ Cincinnati

With just a few weeks left to go, it is crunch time. Your dreams of a conference championship season, beating your arch rival, a shot at a huge payday in a bowl game, or a chance to play for the BCS National Championship, hinges on every snap of the ball. What if Stanford upsets Oregon? What if K State losses on the road? What will the BCS look like then? ND versus Alabama for the BCS National Championship?? WOW, way too many scenarios!! Stay tuned…..

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