Nicholas David is Nicholas David Mrozinski

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The vibrant, dynamic, and multi-talented singer/songwriter/pianist from Saint Paul, MN., Nicholas David, of team CeeLo  is one of the top four singers who remain on the NBC talent competition “The Voice.”

Nicholas David is actually Nicholas David Mrozinski.  For more than a decade, Nicholas has been making music that has been connecting with people, all around the world.

Nicholas and his own Label, Wake the World, are among an emerging trend of Conscious-Capitalists and Eco-Entrepreneurs. All of their CD packaging and mailings feature “green” design, using only recycled materials and FSC certified products.

Nicholas and his label are actively seeking to connect with other like-minded organizations, charities, and individuals. 

To his credit he has …5 studio albums, national radio play, amazing reviews.  He has been involved with many great charities and collaborative efforts. 

Nicholas is currently working on album number 6, stronger and more inspired than ever.

His music is available worldwide on iTunes, at, and in other fine stores.

The Voice

Additional Info:
 Nicholas David…used to be a member of an outlaw country band.

His weight ballooned to more than 300 pounds at what he calls the low point in his life.

He has released four albums and an EP to iTunes as Nicholas Mrozinski

More about Nicholas David Here

The Voice Eliminations

December 5th, 2012

Remaining 4 Contestants …Trevin Hunte, Nicholas David, Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott High school student Trevin was often bullied by his peers and was even told by a teacher that he would never make it in music. This R&B singer is inspired Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross, and hopes to prove his teacher wrong […]

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The Voice Elimations Cody Belew and Dez Duron

November 27th, 2012

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Remaining Contestants on the Voice Include:

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