Military Pilot Makes a Terrifying Landing

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A crowd of about 1,000 had gathered to watch the final landing of the Transall C-160 military plane as it approached the Ballenstedt airfield in Saxony-Anhalt, central Germany.

The flight  appeared to be going smoothly until the pilot suddenly reported that he could not see the start of the runway from his cockpit.  The plane came down on a side road where many of the  terrified onlookers  were standing.

As the plane approached…many of those watching fled. Others….which would be considered the braver or more foolhardy  spectators (Plane spotting enthusiasts ) stood their ground (circled), keeping their cameras trained on the 31-ton aircraft to catch every second of the action.

The plane then bounced up in the air, the pilot regained control and landed it safely on the runway.


VIDEO…Watch the near-fatal landing of Transall C-160


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January 17th, 2011

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November 28th, 2010

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