Gorilla Will Perform Tightrope Talent for Zoo Anniversary

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Kidogo the Gorilla is king of the tightrope! Amazing ape acrobatics help male combat homesickness…

Kidogo, a 12-year-old silverback a western lowland gorilla who reportedly had some serious adjustment issues when he was moved from the  Krefeld Zoo in Germany to the Givskud Zoo in Denmark last April. 

Zoo officials claim that  the transition was hard on him and that he  became depressed and homesick.

Kidgo…who now lives with a pair of  “cougar” females, Muna , 24 and Oya, 23 in the zoo’s Gorilla Garden.  His mental and emotional well being has improved… and he’s showing off his new tight rope dancing talent and will perform at the zoo’s 75th anniversary Jubilee.

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In an attempt to “cheer” Kidogo up…Zoo keepers installed a tightrope in his enclosure for him to hang from but were amazed when he climbed up and began walking on it instead.

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Kidogo, Gorilla Tightrope


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