Chicago pays $22.5 MILLION to Woman who was Sexually Assaulted and Fell from Seventh Story Window

click to investigate Christina Eilman, now 27-years-old, who suffers from bi-polar disorder will received $22.5 million dollars from the city of Chicago after authorities ignored nine phone calls from family and failed to appropriately care for her. According to sources…Chicago police “blew them off.”

Christina Eilman Settlment 22.5 Million cytotec online bestellen Eilman,  a former UCLA student, made a scene and exhibited bizarre behavior  when she suffered a mental breakdown on a flight to Chicago from California in 2006. 

When her flight landed she  was taken into police custody at Midway Airport instead of a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

During the episode…Eilman begged police to take her to the hospital. 

After being in custody for 29 hours…she was released her  in a crime-ridden neighborhood just a few blocks from the notorious housing project known as Robert Taylor Homes on the city’s notorious South Side.  

It was then that she was was gang raped and plummeted seven stories from a a public housing tower.  Eilman…suffered permanent brain damage from her fall and now needs constant medical attention.

Police later testified at a deposition hearing that she was visibly agitated and should have been taken to the hospital.  In his ruling, Judge Frank Easterbrook wrote police “might as well have released her into the lions’ den at the Brookfield Zoo.”

The settlement is the largest in city history.

Marvin Powell, one of the scumbags arrested in the case….was released  on parole in April 2012 after serving six years for his involvement in the horrific crime.

Archive…Court says woman can proceed with Chicago Lawsuit  (April 27, 2012)

A federal appeals court in Chicago has ruled a California woman who survived a seven-story fall from a public housing tower can proceed with her lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department.

Christina Eilman was released from police custody in May 2006 after her arrest on a train platform at Midway International Airport. After her release, Eilman was abducted, sexually assaulted and fell from a seventh floor window of a public housing building.

In his ruling, Judge Frank Easterbrook wrote police “might as well have released her into the lions’ den at the Brookfield Zoo.”

Family members say they told police Eilman suffered from bipolar disorder and asked them to take her to a nearby hospital psychiatric unit.

Marvin Powell of Chicago was convicted of kidnapping Eilman. He was paroled Wednesday.


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