Two San Francisco Best Friends Drown in Hawaii During Rescue

buy provigil drug Kwonh, Griffiths, Baker, Hawaii, A San Francisco couple…. Jennifer Kwong, 39, and fiance Adam Griffiths, 46,  were exploring near Kalihiwai Bay which is along the rocky coast of Kauai island Friday…when a  huge wave came ashore and knocked Griffiths’ friend, Brian Baker, 47, into the water near. Griffiths…realized that his friend was in trouble and caught into the strong Pacific Ocean current   dove right into to save Baker but also drowned in the overwhelming surf.

According to sources…Kwong watched helplessly in horror as her fiance jumped into the rough Hawaiian surf in a failed bid to save his best friend while they were all on vacation.

Kalihiwai Bay Beach

Kwong and Griffiths, who lived in San Francisco along with Baker, had been together for about six years and had tentative plans to be married in September.  See victim photos and Watch video next page

Kalihiwai Bay Beach, Kauai

Kalihiwai Beach is a wide, white-sand beach and is located at the head of Kalihiwai Bay about 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from the town of Kilauea on Kauai’s north shore. The beach is fed by the Kalihiwai River and enclosed by lava cliffs on each side. It is fringed by grassy spots and shady ironwood trees standing in the backshore.

The only time you can safely swim on the beach is in summer when the waves are smaller and the ocean is calm.

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