“The Cleaning Fairy” Arrested While Shoveling Driveways

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Cleaning Fairy Arrested while shoveling snowThe woman identified as Sue Warren dubbed “the cleaning fairy” has found herself in hot water again except this time it’s not for her kind acts of “tidiness,”    lets just say this time she has “threaded on thin ice.”

In May 2012, residents in a Ohio community were on high alert after a woman reportedly entered a  Westlake home of Sherry Bush and her family.  Their daughter was sleeping upstairs at the time.

According to sources…Warren washed the dishes,  took out the trash, vacuumed the carpet and cleaned up the playroom.  She then left a bill for $75.00 for her services which was written on a napkin along with her phone number.

  Bush assumed that it was a mistake so she contacted the cleaning fairy who told them that it was a mistake and that they had better “pay up.”  Authorities were notified….Warren who told Bush that she just goes into peoples homes uninvited all the time and cleans.   Warren was eventually arrested and place on probation.

Now…she’s at it again…battling the chilly elements  and taking  on the  icy remnants left behind by  mother nature to ensure that the citizens in her community are safe outdoors.  The “cleaning fairy”   has now become the ” snow shoveling fairy.”

Warren was arrested again in  Ohio while shoveling snow out of people’s driveways without permission.  Authorities responded to  a report of a “suspicious female” shoveling a driveway without the homeowner’s consent.

During questioning,  police  found that Warren had a outstanding warrant for a probation violation in Cuyahoga Count.  She was arrested

Sheriff’s Office for a probation violation.

Although Warren was arrested on the warrant, no charges were brought up for shoveling the snow.

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