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order gabapentin online reddit With the highly anticipated Super Bowl just 8 long days away now, we will once again suffer through the biggest joke in all of pro sports – the NFL Pro Bowl this weekend. Pro Bowl

buy provigil american express The money making machine known as the NFL, will showcase it’s stars on Sunday night from warm and sunny Hawaii. The only problem is many of it’s stars are playing in the Super Bowl or out for the game with a hang nail. So how can this be called an all star game? The Pro Bowl is now a shell of what it once was. Back in the day, it was a reward and an honor to be selected for this prestigious event. Players wanted to be there, wanted to showcase their talents against the best from the other conference. Today, the game is nothing more than a glorified exhibition of touch football. Of all the All Star games in pro sports today, the football game is a complete joke and waste of our viewing time.

2013 Pro Bowl rosters: AFC and NFC

The NHL All Star game has become a wide open up and down the ice offensive show ( just the opposite of their playoffs) which has created some excitement for the game. The NBA All Star game is just a run and gun – no defense – slam dunk fest. At least in Major League baseball the game still means something – the winning league gets to have home field advantage for the World Series. Say what you want, but a 96 m.p.h. fastball coming at your head is more intimidating than a 300 lb. lineman wanting to reach out and give you a hug!

Commissioner Goodell should just go ahead and pull the plug on this fiasco after this weekend. Give the prima donnas their fat bonuses, name the pro bowl rosters for each conference, and be done with it. No more games, no more embarrassments for the league, and no more questioning the integrity of the game. Today’s players have ruined the game and they should be reminded that their lackluster performances and play not to get hurt or to hurt anyone, have shamed the game. The sad part is that there is really not anything you can do to fix it. You can’t have the game during mid season due to the fear of injury. You can’t have it after the season because many of the leagues best players are involved in the playoffs.

Maybe the league should test playing the game with no helmets. Now that you can’t hit anyone above the shoulders anymore, why even wear helmets? Most players don’t wear thigh, knee, or hip pads anymore, so why wear helmets? While we are at it, whats the purpose of shoulder pads? You can’t block below the waist anymore or dive to block someone. Game pants today look more like colorful shorts. Pretty soon all players will wear some kind of electronic device. Once they are touched with a certain amount of pressure, a signal will go off ending the play. Any player that knocks someone to the ground will be suspended for 4 games. There will be no more running backs because of fear of injury. The game will become 7 on 7 with a center, 1 blocker ( he shields the QB from wind and sun ), the QB, and 4 guys to play pitch and catch with.

What has America’s sport become? Where is Dick Butkus and Jim Brown?

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