NY Woman Found Living With 67 Dead Cats and 99 Living Cats

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Authorities in upstate New York were shocked when they entered the home of a 50-year-old woman identified as Irene Vandyke, in Wright, near Albany.

Vandyke, an employee at Walmart  had apparently been living in horrible conditions since her losing her husband two years ago.

They had been called to investigate after a neighbor called to complain about a horrible odor or cat urine and feces.

When they arrived they…they found 67 dead cats in plastic bags which she placed in the freezer and 99 living cats in crates which were stacked from the floor to the ceiling. 

Authorities say 67 dead cats and 99 living cats had to be removed from a filthy home in upstate New York.

 The living cats were taken to Schoharie in Howes Cave Animal Shelter.

The shelter’s manager,  Kerrie Colin, told authorities that she had tried to help the woman…who was said to be of “hoarder mentality” refused her assistance.   Officials review earlier efforts to seize felines, offer mental health aid.

Charges are being weighed against the cats’ owner.

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