Mom Holds Down Toddler For A Tattoo — Super Disturbing Video

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tattoo video disturbingA disturbing video has made it’s way into cyberspace and needless to say….it has caused quite a stir!  It’s SHOCKING!

The video…shows a three year old Cuban boy being held down by his mother while getting a tattoo

The boy who is estimated to be around three….and is seen screaming in agony as the needle is stuck into his arm as hardcore dance music is heard playing in the background.

There is no law in Cuba about tattooing underage minors. In this case, the cruelty inflicted upon the child was done by his own mother. There is no word if any sort of abuse charges will be filed against the mother if she can be identified.
Is this abuse and she the mother face charges?
See  photo and video next page….

 Cruel tattoo video

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