Shoplifting in China Could Get You a Free Haircut

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Shoplifting  in China and you might just get a free hair makeover.

Shoplifter in China Geta Haircut

When Chinese shopkeeper Lu Sun  spotted a  shoplifter shoving clothes into her bag at her store  in Wenzhou, China, she decided she’d teach her a lesson.

The retailer, whose store had been hit by a spate of thefts over the previous two weeks was fed up.   Therefore in an  unusual example of vigilante justice she took matters in to her own hands.

The  shoplifter was  pinned on the  ground, by the shop owner and Lu Sun, 32, and  a neighboring shop owner.   As the neighboring shop owner held her down…Lu Sun took a pair of scissors and hacked off her long dark hair.

The pair then called the police and had the shoplifter arrested.

After the incident occurred   Miss Sun said in a statement… ‘I decided to do it to teach her a lesson and to send a message to other thieves in the area to stay away from my shop.’

According to sources…Miss Sun is by no means the first shopkeeper to dish out a painful lesson to thieves.

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