Kanye West Album Leaked Online

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Kanye West’s Record Label — Hunting Down Album Leaker

Kanye West‘s record label Def Jam is on MAJOR damage control right now  according to the celebrity news website TMZ.com who reported that…

Kanye West album leaked

The rapper’s  sixth studio album  “Yeezus” has album leaked online. The album was scheduled for release on  June 18, but the entire album has already surfaced on the web.

In today’s digital age, this is not uncommon.  Major record companies have special divisions to handle these types of issues.  They use  various methods to track down the source of a leak … as well as to put a stop to any further illicit file sharing.

According to sources…The record company already has a lead on who’s behind the leak and plans to take swift punitive action.

As for Kanye, he is said to be unfazed by the leak.  Perhaps that’s because he has more important things going on in his life right now.  After all….as of this morning…he became a new dad.  Congratulations!

UPDATE:  Kim Kardashian gives birth to a  baby girl.

VIDEO:  Kanye West

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