Martha Stewart Talks Bedroom Behavior! Video

Martha Stewart dating, and more.

Martha Stewart talks Trash with Andy Cohen

Martha Stewart talks …first she revealed that she was on  Now she  is  behaving badly with Andy Cohen.

Then last week Andy Cohen  on “Watch What Happens Live,” Andy did a segment called “Did Martha Do It?” Cohen went for the gold during his all out question and answer session.

Cohen asked Martha if she had ever sexted or had a one night stand.  Her answer to both questions was yes.

Next came the biggie:  has she ever had a  threesome?  It seems the answer truly is a yes, since all Stewart would say is “maybe.” She did say she’s never has a lesbian experience.

Stewart went on the Today show Thursday morning , May 09, 2013, to meet the two men she narrowed down from a pool of 1,000 bachelors on

The men that made the cut were Larry, an executive in international steel, and Stan, a commercial film maker, both attractive and active 68 years olds.

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