Behind Blondie Park Robert Griffin III, Sexting on Wedding Night

Robert Griffin III, Sexting on Wedding Night

Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III, the Redskins’ quarterback and NFL 2012 Offensive Rookie of the Year, is now the center of a potential sexting scandal as Meredith Barber claims she received “inappropriate” text messages — on his wedding day no less.

Robert Griffin III Text

“Oh the tangled web of tweets ,’ is the perfect tagline for Barber,  23, a Virginia Commonwealth University student and  Hooters waitress,who has now come forward claiming that newlywed NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III sent her.  Barber, also claims that she has even more damaging information which include emails and photos.

According to sources…It all started last Friday when the website Busted Coverage was tipped via its hotline by someone named Brandon K.

Brandon who had done a bit of Twitter sleuthing discovered something fishy going on between Griffin and the woman in question.

  Busted Coverage issued its initial story Sunday, leading with Brandon K.’s tip:

 “So I was looking through RGIII’s twitter feed the night of his wedding.  I followed his RTs to a groomsman of his, William Mallow.  Going through his twitter feed I found a girl he RT that said she missed him.  She looked hot so I looked at her feed.  (@ here help me write my essay get link go here see url go site follow site source go here go site write my essay for me free thesis template waterloo question and answer homework help amoxil vs azithromycin viagra erectile dysfunction drugs follow alli for sale thesis statement social networking paper pygmalion essay problem solutions essay viagra em jovens how to be a better writer essay an essay on my ideal school viagra effect brazil does viagra spike blood pressure Mere__)  THat night one of her friends tweeted “RGIII getting married today.  Will @Mere__ crash the wedding?”  She responds immediately with “I could show Becky this though”  and its a picture of her text messages with a guy name RgIII in her phone.  The text show a black guy lifting up his shirt showing a six pack and trying to get her to respond along with a message.  After no response from Barber..Griffin finally gives up .  His final tweet to her read…“Well ok I give up I guess. See you in a few weeks kid.”

The exchange is dated 1am July 6 – the early hours of RG III’s wedding day to longtime girlfriend Rebecca Liddicoat.

Robert Griffin III and Rebecca Liddicoat

So how will the allegations affect the he Washington Redskins quarterback who has enjoyed a squeaky-clean image both on and off the field?   It’s a waiting game!

He  is on honeymoon in Europe and has not commented on the claims.

See “TWITTER” feed here

Robert Griffin III Twitter Feed



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