Octomom Under Investigation for Welfare Fraud

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Octomom, Nayda Suleman is in the news again.

Octomom, welafer fraud

According to sources, Octomom, the mother of 14, who made more than $200,000.00 in 2012 has been collecting government  support.

The L.A. County Dept. of Welfare Fraud prevention reportedly seized Suleman’s financial records, after receiving an anonymous tip that about her 2012 earnings.

In the state of California, in order to qualify for assistance, a resident must make less than $119,000.00 a year.

FYI — Octo can only collect welfare if she rakes in less than $119,000 a year.

The gossip website TMZ.com reported that:

  •   From Jan. to May 2013 she got $6,666 (appropriate #, right?) she had no right to collect
  • From Jan. to May 2013 she got $9,016 in Food Stamps she shouldn’t have gotten

All totaled = $15,683.00 (that’s just for 4 months).

Suleman is currently under investigation…Welfare fraud is a felony and if convicted she could face prison time.

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