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If anyone thinks there is a leading candidate for the 2013 Heisman Trophy, you better think again.

This years class of hopefuls is as deep as any group in recent memory and just because we have a returning winner from last year, don’t think for one minute Johnny Football is the odds on favorite to repeat. Heisman Contenders

The NFL has to be drooling with the talent they have to choose from in next years draft.

With the first pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills select……Jadeveon Clowney…..DE from South Carolina. Mr. Clowney could very well be standing in New York holding the biggest prize in college football but who else deserves to be watched?

In no particular order, here are my bakers dozen – the top 13 leading candidates for this years Heisman:

  1. AJ McCarron – QB – Alabama. It’s sad to say, but AJ seems to get more pub for the girl he is dating rather than leading his Crimson Tide to national championships! A 6’4″ 215 pound Sr., he has the size and smarts to handle anything Coach Saban or opposing defenses throw at him. All he does is win, yet I will be shocked if the NFL picks him in the first round. As Al Davis has always said…Just win baby! AJ is a winner and he will lead the Tide to yet another BCS National Championship this year!!
  2. Batman needs Robin – Kim needs Kanye and AJ needs….TJ. TJ Yeldon is a 6’2″ 218 pound dynamic RB from Alabama and provides the great one-two punch any great team needs. Big, fast, strong, and he can run inside as well as outside. TJ is a perfect compliment to a balanced Tide attack and should get a ton of recognition this year.
  3. Jadeveon Clowney – DE from South Carolina. He is a 6’6″ 270 lbs. Jr. We have all seen the crushing hit he laid on the Michigan Wolverines last year and he has all the tools to win the Heisman. The voters must get past the fact that he is a defensive player and focus on the overall impact he has on the game. Teams will scheme away from him this year and Coach Superior will have to balance his “D” and find ways to exploit any weaknesses he sees on the “O” lines.
  4. Johnny Manziel – QB – Texas A&M. A 6’1″ 200 lb. Soph. Johnny electrified the college football world last year and pretty much won the Heisman last year with his one man show against Alabama. We will see what happens on 9/14 when the Tide rolls into College Station. Mr. Manziel may be suspended by then with all of his off field antics. ‘Bama owes him one and this could get ugly for the Aggies!
  5. Marquis Lee – WR – USC. At 6’0″ and 195 lbs., this Jr. is one of the premier players in the land. Playing on the left coast and all the troubles the Trojans have right now, we may not get to see his true talents. The NFL scouts know what he brings to the table and Marquis should come out this year as a top 10 pick.
  6. Teddy Bridgewater – QB – Louisville. NFL teams are drooling over this 6’3″ 218 lb. Jr. Charlie Strong and the Cardinal are becoming a national force and Teddy has all the skills and weapons around him to stay in the spotlight all year.
  7. Tajh Boyd – QB – Clemson. Tajh was having a great season last year until Mr. Clowney came calling. The Tigers have an exposive offense returning this year and he will have 3 great opportunities to show America what he has. Games with Georgia, FSU, and South Carolina will be his defining games on the national stage if he is truly a Heisman hopeful. The rest of the schedule is against cupcakes and Tajh will rack up BIG numbers.
  8. If the Lone Ranger needs Tonto…..then Tajh needs…..Sammy Watkins. Sammy is an electrifing 6’1″ 205 Jr. WR from Clemson and it will be very interesting to see the Wide Receiver battle this year for the top spot between Sammy and Marquis. Sammy has had a “Honey Badger” issue in the past ( a problem with the wacky tabacky ), but if he comes to play, watch out. He possesses tremendous hands and will be the first option in every passing play this year for the Tigers.
  9. Aaron Murray – QB – Georgia. At 6’1″ and 210 lbs., he has been a fixture in the Bulldog offense for several years now. As a Sr., Aaron will be called on to have a monster year if the Bulldogs are to compete for a BCS National Championship. Early season games against Clemson, South Carolina, and LSU will either make or break his Heisman shot. In my opinion Aaron Murray and AJ McCarron are carbon copies.
  10. If Sonny needs Cher….then Aaron needs….Todd Gurley – RB – Georgia. Gurley is a rock solid 6’1″ 218 pound Sophomore that is very similiar to TJ Yeldon. He will be called on 20+ times a game to tote the rock and will put up some big numbers for the Bulldogs. Todd is coming off a big freshman season and will be needed to have a huge year if the Bulldogs have plans to win the SEC East.
  11. Braxton Miller – QB – Ohio State. At 6’2″ and 215 pounds, this Jr. had an outstanding sophomore season. His biggest challenge this year will be the fact that Ohio State plays a pathetic schedule in a weak conference. They only have 2 competitive games this year – Wisconsin and Michigan. He will have to have monster games in those 2 contests to gain national recognition. How USA Today can rank the Luckeyes #2 in the country is beyond me! Buffalo, San Diego State, Cal, and Florida A&M……OMG!!!!
  12. Odell Beckham – WR – LSU. Odell is an electric 6’0″ 187 lb. Jr. that made Tiger fans almost forget about the Honey Badger. He is also a tremendous punt returner and will make NFL teams have a difficult decision on who the top WR pick will be. If “The Hat” finally opens up the offense in Baton Rouge…..look out – there are weapons there and Odell could have a monster season!
  13. If Cheech needs Chong….then Odell needs…. Zack Mettenberger. Big Z is a 6’5″ QB from LSU and is my darkhorse candidate for the Heisman. Big, strong, and a cannon for an arm. If, and I mean if, Les opens up the offense for once, Zack could put up huge numbers this year. The Tigers have weapons all over the field – talented wide outs and a stable of stud running backs. Right now, the talking heads have the Tigers as a #13 type of team coming into the season. If Big Z gets it going, it could get crazy down in the Bayou!

2013 Heisman Contenders


These are my top candidates for the Heisman. I have no doubt that a few other stars will emerge and the race will become even more exciting as the year goes on. In case you are counting, there are only 26 more days to kickoff and one of the most electric atmospheres in college football – Williams Brice Stadium – Home of the South Carolina Gamecocks!

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