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Justin Bieber Strikes Again

Justin Visit Your URL Bieber is fastly become the female version of Amanda Bynes….Justin please!  Always in the news for all the wrong reasons.


The “dweebers”  Saturday night visit to a you can try here New York club ended in mass brawl after teen punk  ‘went nuts’ in  the polyamorous speed dating philadelphia V.I.P area.

The club, South Pointe, is located in the Hamptons and is a “hot spot” known for it’s glitzy and glamorous patrons.

According to sources, Justin, his entourage and four of his bodyguards arrived at the club at 2:00 am.  Immediately they “took over” the VIP section which was roped off.

There are conflicting reports about how the altercation began…. According to The tumblr women seeking men New York Post, the fight started between Bieber’s security team and people who tried to swarm the 19 year old singer as he left the club. According to the South Pointe rep, Bieber was swarmed by fans trying to see him and get his picture as he as his friends tried to load into their car. “Security was pushing people away… and that’s when the altercation happened,” said the rep.

It  was also reported that the altercation between Bieber, his entourage and an unidentified male club-goer started  when a female patron tried to hit on “Justin.”   The male club-goer reportedly became aggressive.  It was then that things got heated.

Bieber’s security team escorted him outside the club to cool off.  According to TMZ.com, things flared up again when Bieber jumped through the sunroof and landed on the car’s hood.  It remains unclear what happened at that point, but the clubgoer was reportedly seen knocked out on the cement and  was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center for treatment.

The alleged victim has contacted officers to file an assault claim. A spokesperson said, “The victim is pressing charges,” adding that the complaint was not about Bieber but people in his entourage.

More conflicting reports:

Multiple sources  reported that the altercation happened after Bieber had left the club South Pointe and a patron allegedly threw a rock at the star’s SUV  Justin’s security stopped the car and beat him up. Justin stayed in the car and wasn’t involved.”

Sources also reported that the  altercation happened in the nightclub’s parking lot.  However, security tapes from the nightclub confirm the incident happened away from the venue, on Tuckahoe Road.

An investigation is still pending.

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