Men Found in Jungle After 40 Years

Men found in Jungle
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A father and his son who fled their village during  the Vietnam war have been found 4o years later.

Ho Van Thanh, was last seen in 1973 running into the jungle with his  son Ho Van Lang after a bomb exploded in his home.  The blast  killed his wife and two eldest sons and left Thanh in a state of fear and shock.  Since then, he has had no contact with anyone at the village he left behind.Men found in jungle after 40 years

According to sources,  Ho Van Thanh, now 82,  and his son Ho Van Lang,  now 41, were  found alive after they were spotted by locals who were searching for firewood in the deep  Vietnamese  jungle in the Tay Tra district  in the  Quang Ngai province.

The locals,  contacted authorities  to tell them that they observed two “jungle” men who were acting strange.   Officials began their search and after five hours…the men were found.

The  pair survived by eating fruit and cassava  root from the forest and planting corn.  They wore loincloths made from tree bark and they  lived in a hut which they built out of timber.

Sources  reported that the father could speak a little of the minority cor language, however, the son could only speak a few words.

The father was taken out of the jungle on a stretcher.

They are both receiving medical attention.

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