Fundraiser for Spanish Train Victim Medical Expenses

h train crash victim
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Spanish train crash victim,  Lucia Ruiz Dominguez, 11, of Riverwoods, Ill. remains hospitalized in Spain.

A fundraiser train crash victim

Lucia Ruiz Dominquez ,  a 6th grader from Deerfield, was traveling with her Aunt and Uncle in Spain last month when tragedy struck as the high speed train she was in derailed.

The high-speed train carrying 218 passengers derailed July 24 at a curve leading into Santiago de Compostela, the capital city of Galici, killing 79 victims.

Lucia, 11,  was sitting in one of the rear carriages of the train, hit hardest with the highest number of casualties and was tossed around like a rag doll fracturing her legs, hip, pelvis, tail bone, her skull and suffered internal bleeding.

Lucia, along with her aunt and uncle, were taken to intensive care.  She was transferred to a regular hospital room 12 days later.

Lucia, an avid soccer player, is recuperating from a second surgery to save her leg.

It is unknown when she may leave the country and return to the United States because of medical cost.

Friends back home set up a website to help the family with medical expenses.


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