Paula Deen Racial Slur Lawsuit Dismissed

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can i buy Lyrica over the counter in usa Paula Deen received a bit of good news today after a federal judge in Georgia threw out the racial discrimination claim filed against her.

Paula Deen NewsJudge William T. Moore Jr.  ruled that the plaintiff, go to site Lisa Jackson had no right to claim racial discrimination, BECAUSE SHE’S WHITE! Any comments that Deen or her cohorts may have made had no legal consequence to her, because she’s simply not the right color. Jackson sued Deen and her brother, order confido tablet Bubba Hiers, last year saying she was subjected to sexual harassment and racist attitudes during the five years she worked at their restaurant, Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House.

Jackson argued that someone in her family was bi-racial — something that may not be true at all. But the judge said even if it were true, she was at best an “accidental victim.”

Despite today’s ruling does not mean it’s all over for Deen.  The sexual harassment claims remain.

The Food Network and other business partners dropped Deen after she acknowledged using racial slurs in the past during questioning by Jackson’s lawyers.

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Here are five things you need to know about Deen’s accuser.

1. She Is White: Jackson insists her lawsuit against the TV personality “has never been about the N-word.” In a statement issued to CNN via her attorney, she explained that the suit “is to address Ms. Deen’s patterns of disrespect and degradation of people that she deems to be inferior.”

“I may be a white woman, but I could no longer tolerate her abuse of power as a business owner, nor her condonation [sic] of Mr. Hiers’ (Deen’s brother, Bubba Hiers, is also named in the suit) despicable behavior on a day-to-day basis,” she added.

2. She Has Substantial History With the Deen Empire: Jackson worked as the general manager Deen and Hiers’ Savannah restaurant Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House for five years. She quit in August 2010, alleging that she left under the advisement of her physician because of panic attacks and other stress-related health conditions she suffered while working at the Georgia eatery.

3. She Claims There Was Also Sexual Harassment in the Working Environment: The focus now is clearly on the racial controversy stirred up by Jackson’s filing, but she also claimed that Hiers made sexually inappropriate comments to her, distributed inappropriate pictures to employees and watched pornography in the office.

4. Team Deen Is Trying to Use Prop 8 to Dismiss Her Case: Lawyers for Deen are citing the June 26 strikedown of California’s Prop 8, which originally banned gay marriage, as a reason Jackson’s suit should be dismissed. Deen’s attorneys cited Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinion on the Hollingsworth vs. Perry Prop 8 case. Roberts decided that a plaintiff must prove they’ve “suffered a concrete and particularized injury that is fairly traceable to the challenged conduct.”

5.. She Kinda Mocked Deen’s “I Is What I Is” Grammar Gaffe: On June 26, Deen apologized profusely on Today, tearfully asking for forgiveness and promising that she is not, in fact, a racist. “If there’s anyone out there that have never said something that they wish they could take back, if you’re out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me,” she said to camera. “Please, I want to meet you. I is what I is, and I’m not changing.”

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