Justin Bieber Attacked at a Nightclub in Canada

Justin buy priligy powder Bieber, 19, is in the news again.

According to sources he  has been attacked Justin Bieber another altercationin a nightclub in his native Canada.

The troubled teen pop singer  was reportedly left the VIP area where he and his entourage partying.  He was  mingling with patrons in a Toronto nightspot at 3am on Saturday when an angry man charged at him.

The man  got a hold of  ivermectina oral precio Bieber’s shirt but was prevented from tackling the star by quick acting bouncers, who grabbed the assailant and dragged him to the floor.

While his assailant was escorted out of he club, Bieber soon made his way home of his own accord.

Justin Bieber Quotes

 I’m looking forward to influencing others in a positive way. My message is you can do anything if you just put your mind to it.

Of course, I think that people are just waiting for that time when I make a mistake and they’re gonna jump on it…. There’s gonna be haters.

Not trying to be arrogant, but if I walked down the street and a girl saw me, she might take a look back because maybe I’m good-looking, right?

I grew up below the poverty line; I didn’t have as much as other people did. I think it made me stronger as a person, it built my character. Now I have a 4.0 grade point average and I want to go to college, and just become a better person.

I started singing about three years ago, I entered a local singing competition called Stratford Idol. The other people in the competition had been taking singing lessons and had vocal coaches. I wasn’t taking it too seriously at the time, I would just sing around the house. I was only 12 and I got second place.

Justin Bieber Strikes Again

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Justin Bieber Assault, Related Archive

Justin Bieber and his security team and entourage were in the news last week after they allegedly got it a brawl with a patron outside  South Pointe  in Southampton, New York.

Justin Bieber assault victim revealed.  The 22-year-old man and alleged victim has been identified as  actor and model Wayne Rennalls.

According to sources…Wayne Rennalls  was left bloody and bruised following the altercation and sustained  facial lacerations and a possible broken tooth. He was taken to  Peconic Bay Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries.

Behind Blondie Park Gossip

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