Let’s Go Bowling…The College Football Way

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source We now have 15 bowl games in the books ( with 20 more to go ) and there has been some great individual efforts, sloppy play, disappointments, and more of the same. With all of the coaching changes going on, it seems like many of the teams have lost their identity and are just a shell of their regular season selves. Even though the BCS is going away next year, there will still be bad bowl games with bad teams that don’t deserve to be there. Those same teams will play in front of half empty stands, but, we will be glued to the TV because…..it is college football!!

source site So what have we learned so far? All the hype surrounding the MEAC was just that – hype. Right now they are a dismal 0-4. Buffalo, Ohio, Bowling Green ( the league champ ), and Northern Illinois have all been beaten and have not looked good in any of the games. Northern Illinois was on the verge of a BCS bid when they were thrashed by Bowling Green in the conference championship game. How humiliating would it have been for them versus a big time program in front of millions? The MEAC has to now hope that Ball State can carry the flag for the conference on January 5 when they play that football power known as Arkansas State. What a prelude game to the national championship that will be!

I have been slamming the Big 10 all year and guess what? They are off to an 0-2 start so far and may not win a bowl game this year. Both Minnesota and Michigan looked awful with dreadful offenses. But, that is Big 10 football. Week after week they play for a 21-17, 14-13, 20-9 types of games that just put you to sleep. The conference is in trouble and if they don’t turn things around quickly, they will slide to the number 5 power conference behind the SEC, PAC 12, Big 12, ACC, and then the Big 10. OUCH!! Come to think about it, isn’t the MEAC and the Big 10 in the same part of the country? Hmmm……

So, at one time this year, Louisville was a Top 10 team. Then they lost to UCF and fell off the face of the earth just after coach Charlie Strong said they don’t get any national respect. You know what happens when you play that “we don’t get any respect” card! QB Teddy Bridgewater kept the program in the national spotlight but they fell horribly in the polls. They kept winning and last night made the statement game of the bowl season by embarrassing The “U”. If their core group of players stay for one more year, look out ACC when Louisville joins your conference next year. Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Miami, and…..DUKE!! Watch out Big 10, you have just fallen to #5 in the conference pecking order!!

Other news and notes. Notre Dame can’t wait for their suspended QB to return for spring practice and inject some life into what could be a dynamic offense next season. Tommy ” I throw it up for grabs when I get pressured” Rees will be graduating and the Irish need a trigger man that can make plays. Chris Peterson leaving Boise State to go to Washington looks like he is inheriting a loaded program! The heart of the Michigan State defense gets suspended for the Rose Bowl. That’s just what the Big 10 needs! Jadeveon Clowney doesn’t need to go to the NFL draft camp – he needs to go to driving school after 2 recent speeding violations! So who is going to replace Mack Brown? The longer this goes on, the more it may look like Gus Malzahn will be leaving the Plains and heading to Texas!

I hope your favorite team wins their bowl game and has a Top 10 recruiting class coming in next year. Happy New Year!

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