News Brief: Polio-Like Illness Paralyzes 5 Kids in California

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A mysterious illness doctors are comparing to polio has struck down up to 25 children in California, leaving them with paralyzed limbs and a bad prognosis.

Medical experts have identified the illness in Californian children over the course of a year.

The children, aged between two and 16, all suffered paralysis of the arms or legs and some experienced respiratory difficulties.

The infections, possibly caused by a virus, are still very rare and there’s no widespread cause for alarm. But researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, say they’re concerned about the mysterious illnesses detected in kids ages 2 to 16 between August 2012 and July 2013.  Read more here

News Brief:   Mullica kindergarten teacher could be fired after finding students naked in bathroom

Residents and teachers in this rural community are rallying around a veteran teacher who may lose her job after she found two of her kindergarten students naked in her classroom bathroom and promptly reported it to a principal.

Superintendent Brenda Harring-Marro has filed tenure charges against the teacher, Kelly Mascio, of Mullica Township, said Mullica Township Education Association President Barbara Rheault.  Read more here

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