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Lonely Traveler Sings Celine Dion Song Self Made Video

When Richard Dunn set out to pass the time in a Vegas Airport, he never dreamed that his video would go VIRAL.

celine dionHey there “ find out this here Loney boy” next time you feel alone and “ confido price in hindi All by Yourself” in a Vegas airport,  waiting on that “Midnight Plane to Georgia.” Celine Dion will be glad to entertain you although you have proven that you have what it takes to entertain the world.

Here’s the Amazing Video….Enjoy…It’s a must see!

Richard Dunn a Lighting Designer, Owner of Dunnlights Inc., Technical Director and Story Teller from Canton Georgia,  volunteered to take a later flight out of McCarran International airport which would not fly out until early morning.

Dunn anticipated boredom, but with the use of his iPhone, he found a creative way to to make the best of the situation having no ideal that his creative lip-syncing  “pass the time” masterpiece would be viewed by more than 9.7 viewers on YouTube as well as singer Celine who was thoroughly entertained by his rendition of her hit song “All By Myself.”  Celine responded to Dunn with a personal video in which she gave him a thumbs up.  The singer also assured him that  next time he’s stuck in Vegas, look her up because he doesn’t have to feel “All by Myself” anymore.

Celine also offered the “lonely traveler”  free tickets to her Vegas show.

The video,  took him three to four hours shoot.  According to Dunn, he estimates that during the process, he sang the song at least 50 times.   I have to give him props him because he actually did a great job making his now famous viral video.

Rene Angelil and Céline Dion Twins

NOTE:  Behind Blondie Park makes no claim or takes no credit for the production or filming this video… All credits go to Richard Dunn

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